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The construction of Millennium Gardens’ second phase has commenced

July 6, 2023

The development of the second phase of Millennium Gardens has started, which together with the first phase will offer a total of 37,000 square metres of premium office and retail space. On this occasion, realista.ingatlan.com asked Csaba Borbély, TriGranit’s Project Director, and Károly Dömötör Makk, Leasing Director, about the state-of-the-art office building, potential tenants, new technologies, trends and ESG compliance.


Sustainable and innovative solutions


Are there any innovations expected in the second phase of the Millennium Gardens office building compared to the first phase? What are they?


Csaba Borbély: All the Shell and Core and fit-out clashes and connection issues that arose and were learned in the first phase have been corrected and fine-tuned, so that future leasehold build-outs will be simplified and their implementation will be smoother.


How does the building fit into one of Budapest’s most prominent locations and complement the Millennium City Centre?


Csaba Borbély: With the opening of the Millennium Gardens office building, a new premium restaurant has opened on the ground floor of the building, a state-of-the-art dental clinic has recently been added to the premium services of the North Tower and we are currently negotiating the opening of a pharmacy. Thousands of square metres of green space in and around the office building will also improve the quality of life for our tenants, and an international Netflix movie will also be filmed in our project, that also proves the high quality of the building’s exterior.


What sorts of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions will TriGranit use in the construction of the second phase?


Csaba Borbély. Many materials were already purchased during the construction of phase one, avoiding unnecessary carbon emissions. In addition, in order to meet the targeted ESG criteria, we are currently investigating the possibility of installing a system to store and recover excess kinetic energy from the elevators, increasing the number of electric car chargers, a more efficient method of operating the heat pumps installed, and the use of grey water, and we are also selecting our car wash service based on the minimalisation of water use.


What will be the impact of the completed project, i.e. the first and second phases of Millennium Gardens, on the district and its communities?


Csaba Borbély: The arrival of tenants who already moved in to the building and those who will move in later will in itself raise the prestige of the district, and the thousands of office workers will significantly increase the turnover of shops in the vicinity of the building. During the construction of the first phase, which already operates, the space surrounding the building has been cleaned up, so the park surrounding the building also functions as an excellent meeting point. In addition, we have successfully held a number of events in the building, most recently hosting an effective blood donation programme for internal office staff as well as external blood donors.

Csaba Borbély

What kind of innovative technologies will be used in the second phase of the office building to promote efficiency and comfort?


Csaba Borbély: The elevators we have ordered will be high-speed, high-capacity ones (for 24 passengers, with a speed of 2 m/s) with a collective system and target level control, which will allow our tenants to use either the isolated system or the energy-efficient version. In addition, contactless hand dryers, soap dispensers and quick gates provide hygienic, automated mobility within the building.


What kind of services does the office building offer its tenants that make it attractive to the premium business sector?


Csaba Borbély: Currently in Millennium Gardens, we have 248 bicycle storage facilities, with changing rooms and showers for cyclists. In addition, we are in the process of building a car wash in the building, but there is also a roof garden in both towers, which can be used by our tenants for internal company events.


Are there opportunities for future expansion and scaling of the office building and if so, what are they?


Csaba Borbély: Millennium Gardens is a unique two-phase project in Millennium City Center, that provides our tenants the opportunity of future expansion in the south tower. In addition, thanks to the modular design, all tenants have the (technically secured) possibility to modify their leased space.


View of the National Theatre from Millennium Gardens

Tenants, trends and news


Which tenant profiles and sectors do you expect in the second phase of Millennium Gardens?


Károly Dömötör Makk: In the second phase of the office building, we expect tenant profiles looking for high quality office space and a modern working environment, with a focus on employment wellbeing. We focus mainly on large multinational corporations, tech companies, financial institutions and innovative service providers.


What steps has TriGranit taken to meet tenants’ needs in terms of office design and common spaces?


Károly Dömötör Makk: In order to meet the needs of our tenants, we have taken a number of steps in terms of office design and common space planning. We have focused on a modern and ergonomic design and furnishing to provide an inspiring and efficient working environment. In the design of the common spaces, we have taken into account the opportunity to collaborate, socialise and meet informally. It’s also important to note the ESG aspects that are high on the agenda today, including a focus on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.


What special services and features do you offer tenants to differentiate the building from its peers?


Károly Dömötör Makk: We offer a number of special services and features to differentiate our tenants. These include a premium restaurant, reception, serviced office area and lobby, comfortable and modern common areas, automated BMS (Building Management System) and other premium services available in the building. We also organise special programmes and events for tenants (such as our rooftop party on 6 June, what all of our tenants had the opportunity to attend), which promote networking opportunities and enhance the community experience.


Are there any initiatives planned to promote sustainability and a healthy working environment for tenants?


Károly Dömötör Makk: Yes, sustainability and a healthy working environment are of utmost importance to us. In the design and construction of the building, we have used sustainable solutions such as energy-saving systems (energy-efficient elevators and air conditioners), water-saving taps and heat pumps, effective waste management strategies and green areas. We also provide office amenities and equipments that contribute to a healthy working environment, such as high-quality air filtration systems and ergonomic equipment.


Károly Dömötör Makk

What sort of tenant programmes and events are planned to provide a community experience for the employees of the office building ?


Károly Dömötör Makk: By organising tenant programmes and events, we aim to provide a community experience for our tenants, including professional networking events, educational and training programmes, and cultural events. We aim to create forums where our tenants can connect, share ideas and be inspired.


What sort of flexible rental options and space usage options do you offer your tenants? Are you in negotiations with a coworking/flexible workspace providers?


Károly Dömötör Makk: Today, it is essential for a 21st century office to offer flexible rental and space utilisation options to its tenants to satisfy their needs and business model, so of course we also try to offer as many flexible options as possible. This includes traditional long-term leases, medium-term leases and flexible workspace options, we are in advanced discussions with coworking/flexible workspace providers.


How will you ensure security and central access for office workers and visitors?


Károly Dömötör Makk: The security system of Millennium Gardens is equipped with cameras, automated access control systems, card-operated lifts and security staff, and we will provide well-designed internal pathways and lift systems for central access.


How does the office building support tenants in achieving work-life balance?


Károly Dömötör Makk: Millennium Gardens provides tenants with everything they need to maintain a work-life balance, including access to amenities and services such as a premium restaurant and café with terraces, green roof terraces, relaxation areas and a 1.5 hectare green park. We also support flexible working hours and home office to help our tenants reaching work-life balance.