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The best place for your future office

January 12, 2023

When looking at Millennium Gardens, TriGranit’s newest office building at the Fiabci Award-winning Millennium City Center, we can see many features that make the building unique in its kind. The building is at one of the prime locations in the Central Pest office corridor, in the heart of Budapest. The renowned city district, the Millennium City Center, which nowadays provides workplaces for thousands of people was likewise developed by TriGranit – as a classic brownfield development in a previously neglected area. The first developments, the National Theatre and the Palace of Arts, laid the foundations for a new cultural area in Budapest. This was followed by the Millennium Tower I-II-III office building and residential buildings, transforming the district into a modern business, cultural and residential area.

This inner-city district of Budapest has been supplemented with the last gem, the Millennium Gardens office building. Tenants can now enjoy all the unique features of the area: the close proximity of the Danube with a spectacular panorama, a well-maintained green promenade (1.5 km in length) with a running track, a playground for children, and finally green public spaces offering an alternative working environment and facilitating a healthier work-life balance. Outdoor yoga classes held on a lawn next to Millennium Gardens’ site have already shown the benefits of the area, foreshadowing its future potential and enabling local yogis to attend a relaxing class after the stressful working day.

Apart from its natural features, the area is the perfect place for lunch and meeting friends and business partners. Nearby facilities include cafés, restaurants, fast food outlets, fitness centres and even a health centre. Various services are accessible nearby, so employees can also arrange everyday tasks during the day.

Any remaining doubts about the area’s potential are quickly dispelled by the unrivalled cultural opportunities at the Millennium City Center and in its vicinity. The district has plenty of entertainment places, including MÜPA Budapest and the nearby Budapest Park, offering quality programs and concerts of classical, jazz, rock and pop music.